Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A little trip to Imjado

Last weekend, there was a Korean National holiday and therefore- a three day weekend. Matt's school still had to work like suckers, but the rest of us headed to a little island called Imja-do. We were the only foreigners on this lovely, little, uncrowded island. Six of us went and stayed in a minbak. A minbak is a really cheap place to stay. When split with others it's usually about $10-20 a night. It's a big empty room with blankets for sleeping on the floor. It also has a kitchen, so you can cook for yourself if you want. We cooked all of our meals while we were there and were pretty proud of our meals with little resources. Below, you can see us enjoying sandwiches outside of our minbak. 

The beach was beautiful and incredibly tidal. Depending on the time of day the beach could be anywhere from 15-300 yards wide. We were often picking up our things and moving back because the tide snuck  up on us. 
These are some babes. 

There were these little crabs that made these little sand balls around their holes. Upon further inspection, I concluded that they are eating tiny things in the sand and pushing the sand up through their mouth thing and when the ball fills up their mouth thing they spit it out and eat more sand. 

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