Monday, September 8, 2008

It's like we live here now.

So we've been here nearly four months now and have finally got some homely touches in our apartment! Below is our window box garden. We wired a few plastic window boxes to the railing outside of our kitchen window. Last month we tried to start some seeds in them, but nothing ever grew. I think they were duds. So, we went to one of the many local small plant vendors in our neighborhood. We bought the ones on the end because they looked like little evergreens and we hope will live during the winter. The middle plant is one that I have no idea what it's called. It has very cute button-like pink flowers. I also have one of these plants inside the apartment and on my desk at work. The plant closest to us is Matt's cactus, which he meticulously moves outside every morning so that it can get sun. 
Here is another one of the cute pink button flower plants, but it is currently in a no-flower phase, but I think it will bud again soon. 

And here is my good junk find! Last Saturday I went walking near my apartment building looking for a cinderblock to lock our bikes to, but I found this little dresser table instead! It sure beats the cardboard box draped with a cloth that were using before in our bedroom. 
It was a sweet shell inlay. 

Things I'm already sad about leaving behind in Korea next year:
-This dresser
-My bike- a.k.a. the cooolest bike in Korea
-Yukechang (spicy beef stew)
-Korean BBQ
-cheap, efficient local and long distance public transportation

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