Saturday, January 17, 2009

Korean Cutes

January is Intensives at ReadingTown. This means that the kids are on vacation from their regular schools, so they now they have more time for English academy! These kids never get a break from school- pretty much ever. During this month, the kids come everyday instead of two or three times a week. It makes for a long month for teachers, but during Intensives we can have a few fun events. This is Shane and I taking our jobs really seriously. 
The pictures below are from our Trivia Contest Day. Koreans call it a Golden Bell contest.  I've selected a few of my students for your viewing pleasure of cute Korean kids. 
Ok, well this isn't exactly a cute Korean kid. It's mean trying to explain something that involves the number eight- note the finger visual aide. (PS- I'm not pregnant even though this picture makes me look that way!)

This is James. He is not cute in your traditional sense of cute, but he reminds me of a baby lion and is very sweet. He tries very hard in class. 

This is Jessica, but her Korean name is Min-kyeong. She's in my class called "Little Stars", which is a group of younger kids whose English is much better than most other kids their age. I think she is one prettiest little girls... in Korea... or maybe ever. She's quiet and likes to draw. 

This is Dora. She is also a little star and quite spunky. This girl has sass and is really smart. I'd hang out with Dora if we were the same age. 

This kid isn't even a student at our school, but his older sister is and he is always running around. Their mom sits in the lobby while his sister is in class. 

This is Hero and Stuart. They are smart and rowdy. They can hardly keep the answers in their mouth before they raise their hands. 

This is Yoony. I almost kidnap her everyday! She is just so sweet and cute- smiles like its her job. 

This is Andy. He's a handful and I'm sure he drives his mother nuts, but quite a character. He thinks I'm thirty. He thinks I'm so old that my parents couldn't possibly still be living. His jaw dropped when I told him that not only are my parents alive, so are my grandparents.

Watching the kid below do what one of our Korean teachers described as a "sexy dance". We were shocked when he said that- we'd have all been fired at home for saying a kid was going to do a sexy dance! This kid put his shirt in his teeth and did a belly dance! 


HPB said...

DUDE! i had an intensive this january, too. the tiny koreans and i have more in common than i thought!

also, re: daily kitten, i don't know if you heard about peta's new campaign trying to get people to stop eating fish by calling them "sea kittens"? redic.

does this make kittens "land fish"? stephen colbert sure thinks it does!

I speak for higgs boson. said...

i do a much better sexy dance than that loser.