Monday, June 16, 2008

Seonunsan Provincial Park

Matt and I headed to Seonunsan Provincial Park on Sunday. It's about an hour and a half bus ride north from Gwangju. We were going because Matt had arranged to meet up with some other foreign climbers in the area for some climbing. I was basically along for the ride. Unfortunately, we never did find the climbers. Our directions to the rock weren't clear and the girl who Matt was meeting forgot her cell phone. Matt was bummer, but the day was not a total loss as the park was beautiful and we did a bit of hiking and temple-visiting.
Here we are on top of a "sick" rock. This was after climbing a serious metal staircase that got the better of my lungs and heart rate. The park is basically a valley that you walk up the middle of ans eventually head up the sides.
And... no outdoor experience would be complete without some serious gear. Although, this park had many more casual hikers than Mudeungsan. I think it is a city-folk thing to get all gear-ed up for a day hike.
The park has some sweet sights:

There was a sign saying that this tree was 600 years old, but I would think a 600 year old tree would be much larger. Shows what I know about Korean trees.

This is a 13 meter (about 40 ft) Buddha carved into the side of the cliff. Also, some gear-ites.
There is a large temple complex in the park. This is largest complex I've seen so far in Korea (out of only 2 or 3), but was cool none the less.

This was a large tea hall in the temple complex. I would've liked to have had tea there if I could speak Korean better. I didn't know the deal and couldn't ask about it.

Also, a sweet cave.

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