Monday, June 30, 2008

Embroidery, Moving Sushi, and other fun things

New Embroideries!
These pictures aren't very good, maybe I can scan them at work one day.

Here is the Hangul alphabet and their romanizations. I can read! The motif on the bottom is taken off one of the Korean temples we've visited.

This one has nothing to do with Korea, but I did it while I was here. It's from our trip the Cape Cod in April before we left. So many chickadees landed on our hands to eat sunflower seeds out of them.

There are many ginko trees on the streets in our neighborhood. This will be my next embroidery project.

Haha- for fun. This is Matt pretending to sleeping with what we joke is a "traditional Korean blanket". It's just a bamboo mat and I hung it on the wall.

Here is downtown on a rainy Saturday afternoon. One must never get wet when it rains, so one must always carry an umbrella in the rainy season. Umbrellas are bug business in Korea and a major accessory. The other week, Matt's boss wouldn't let him walk home in the rain because he didn't have an umbrella. He insisted that he ride one of their school buses home with the students!

This is Yangdong Market. It's huuuuge and where you can get anything, especially seafood, vegetables, shoes, bedding, and kitchen ware.

Here is a video from our new favorite restaurant in Korea- the all you can eat sushi conveyor belt place.

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Nathan said...

Oh my god. Food on a conveyor belt. I would enjoy eating these foods on a people-mover at an airport.

I am glad that I am not in Korea. I would become fat and sedate. I am sure that I would also become wealthy and addicted to opium.

food on a conveyor belt.....(!)

we miss you guys.