Wednesday, February 18, 2009

February Update

Last Saturday was Valentine's Day. Matt and I went out for a nice dinner. I ate so much raw red fin tuna- it was delicious! Thursday night I made Valentine's for everyone at work. It was fun to get a little crafty and I can't remember the last time I made Valentine's. My Korean co-workers were really surprised! In Korea, it's a holiday for kids and young couples, which isn't that different from the states I guess, but no one really gives valentine's - only chocolates. 

Also, Matt recently departed with his mop. Justin came over and groomed Matt with his clippers. 
Matt couldn't resist leaving one little curl hanging over his forehead. He kept it overnight and wore it to work to shock the Korean teachers. He then promptly buzzed it before class started. He had grown quite fond of the curl and , if I dare say, rather vain!

In other news, we're off to Bali on Saturday! Only two more days of teaching stand between me and beaches, tropical drinks, delicious food, and beautiful temples and forests! I'll update when we return next Sunday!

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