Saturday, February 7, 2009

Post Korea Plans- Vietnam!

Matt and I are solidifying our plans for when our contract in Korea is finished in May. We are headed to Ha Long Bay, Vietnam! Matt got a job working as a rock climbing guide in Ha Long Bay with SloPony. They're running an adventure/rock climbing/kayaking outfit based on Cat Ba Island in Ha Long Bay. I will teach SloPony's Vietnamese staff English and maybe others on the island who want to learn. I'll also help out and be a substitute guide if they need me to. We're going to live in a guest house on Cat Ba Island. Below is Cat Ba Town, a little town of about 8,00o people on the island. Here is a little video of people riding a motor scooter through the little town. 

This a panoramic photo of the harbor of Cat Ba Town, which you can see towards the left. 

This is also a neat video of the island and the bay shot on 16mm film. 

We're sad to be away from our family and friends for longer, but we couldn't pass this up. We're going to live on a little island in South East Asia!  Ha Long Bay is a natural UNESCO World Heritage Site, it's beautiful. Also, SloPony believes in and institutes a four day work week so that everyone has enough time for climbing, relaxing or exploring. I agree! We'll be there in June- come visit! 


Daphne Duke said...

Wow- that's so exciting! I'm thinking will definitely need to come visit you when I embark on my post-contract southeast asia tour. woo!

dean said...

This is exactly the sort of thing I wanted to see on a Monday morning at my desk job. My emotions for you are somewhere between extremely happy for you and raging, loathe-filled, jealous envy. Yay!

Have fun and please tell Matt to jump off a route into the water in my honor.


I speak for higgs boson. said...

i second dean's sentiment.

perhaps there is a vietnam vacation in our future?

love you madly