Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Climbing and Boseong Green Tea Fields

On Saturday, we went to this little climbing spot that was basically empty. We packed a cooler with beer, chicken sandwiches, and my homemade salsa! Lisa and I went along for a day of relaxing, while Matt and Shane gushed the gnar! Haha- this is climber speak for doing hardcore and awesome things climbing. 

Then Sunday was my turn! We went to the Boseong Green Tea fields, which are about an hour and a half away from Gwangju. It was one of the things on my "to do before leaving Korea" list. 
It was very picturesque and more touristy than a practical tea plantation. I'm sure they make way more money from tourists than from selling the tea. 
Obligatory cute couple photograph on the landing. (Sidenote: our school lunch lady said yesterday that Matt and I look alike. I scoffed, but there may be some freaky truth to that.)

Also, here is another striking resemblance! 


LISA said...

OMG The flying Monkey!

JUSTIN said...

it looks like matt is sitting on the ceiling in this he?