Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Maekju Juseyo

Maekju juseyo (beer please)! 

Here is an embroidery that took me seemingly forever to finish despite its linear simplicity. I was working on it during winter and the winter doldrums had sucked the creative motivation from me! It's been finished for sometime now, but I haven't posted it. These are your basic beer choices in Korea. They are not particularly distinguishable in taste or quality. It's all about the same basic beer! While I miss Blue Moon, microbrews and the many seasonal brews of North America, sometimes there's nothing like simplicity. 

 Now that spring has arrived, I have been working much more diligently on my embroidery. Two new pieces to be debuted shortly. Also, I'm going to take all the pieces into work and scan them to get  better images of each. Sometimes, my little camera doesn't do them justice even though I love it so. 


Daphne Duke said...

That's amazing!

MelissaR said...

I hope there will be a "Cat Ba stitch" blog, too.