Sunday, May 31, 2009

Leaving Korea

We leave Korea in two days! This weekend was action filled with packing, organizing, and squeezing in a few more fun nights with our friends here. We've been eating our "last meals", repeating all our favorite Korean food in the last week. All of our things that we aren't taking to Vietnam are packed up in boxes. Today, we have to lug it all to the Post Office and then go to the bank to close our Korean bank accounts. Then we only have to clean our apartment for its next tenants, say our final good byes, and take the train to Seoul tomorrow afternoon. Aaah! 

Things I won't miss about Korea...
- hagwon life
- lack of cheese and delicious beer
- no city planning
- certain Korean students
- stone cold adjummas
- "more work is better than efficient work" work ethic
- squid
- always standing out
- Summer and Winter Intensive session
- national inferiority complex
- communication fails
- mandatory over-organized fun

Things I will miss about Korea... 
- excellent public transportation
- riding my sweet bike everywhere
- going out to eat and drink on the cheap
- certain Korean students
- generous adjummas
- no open container law
- safe cities
- cheap hotels
- yukechang
- shabu shabu / mongolian shabu shabu
- service-eu
- affordable health care
- the people who are our friends, neighbors, co-workers (and sometimes partners in crime) simultaneously. 

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Melissa said...

Bye! Please blog from Vietnam!