Monday, July 7, 2008

My favorite late night snack in Korea

I have a new favorite late night snack. I'm not sure what my old favorite late night snack was, but my new favorite is dipping little sheets of seaweed in a wasabi-mayonnaise-soy sauce mixture. I'm posting this because I believe it can be easily replicated at home except in Korea you can buy credit card sized pieces of seaweed. It contains all the things I love best in a snack- salty, crispy, and involves dipping one delicious thing in another delicious thing. Here I will guide you through this very complicated recipe.  I believe all these ingredients are available in Safeway or Food Lion, if not in your kitchens right now!

Step 1: First, you should put a little pea to 2 pea-sized amounts of wasabi and mayonnaise into a small sauce dish. This step is of course to taste and proportion of seaweed you plan on dipping. (Also, I'm pretty sure a cute dish makes its contents more delicious- just saying)
Step 2: Mix wasabi and mayonnaise thoroughly. For full authenticity, mix with a chopstick. 

Step 3: Add a small amount of soy sauce and mix thoroughly. 

Step 4: Then add more soy sauce. The quantity here is to taste and in proportion of seaweed to be consumed. 

(This is so you may see the tiny seaweed sheets, perfect size for dipping. Sushi roll size sheets should merely be ripped or cut.)

Step 5: Fold seaweed sheet and dip in delicious.

Step 6: Enjoy the salty, crispy, dipped crunch. It is best served with a giant beer of mediocre quality and enjoyed between the hours of 11:00pm and 3:00am. If you are eating after 3:00am, chances are you are too sloppy to make and fully appreciate such an exquisite treat. 


Sarah said...

I miss the little bite-size salty seaweed snacks from Japan myself.

Anything food-wise you're particularly missing from America?

HPB said...

i literally have none of those ingredients in my kitchen. i found a website that lets you make e-mixtapes, in other news....expect one imminently.

love you.