Sunday, July 27, 2008

The coolest bike in Korea

Today Matt, my friend-neighbor-coworker Caitlin and I set out to purchase some bicycles. We went to a particular bike store because they had some used bikes. However, once I walked in I saw the coolest bike in Korea and that no used bike could ever fill my cool bike heart. So, I bought the cool bike and it is pretty sweet. Now that we have bikes we'll be able to explore much more of the city.

Matt's bike, which, I guess is cool. 
Caitlin painting her bike. 


HPB said...

hey don't drink and bike, ok?

Nathan said...

drinking and biking is so fun.

Ashley said...

in korea, i can drink and bike at the same time.

HPB said...

yeah well, just remember what happened to your last bike....and those bushes...and your legs...and your dignity....can i please at least convince you to wear a goddamn helmet???


safety girl

Ryan said...

Your bike is way cooler.