Sunday, July 20, 2008

Yes, that is clearly me.

This is a drawing from one of my students- Andrea, I think she is about 10 or 11 years old. It is clearly me. 

Reading Town moved this weekend to a new building and we are now called Reading Star. The new building is amazing and I will take some pictures when I go in today and post them later. My school now could easily pass for the set of a mod spaceship movie from the 1960s. We even have a huge red velvet couch. Also, with a name like "Reading Star", I'm pretty sure we're preparing for take off always. 

This weekend was pretty quiet. I spent the first half of Saturday unpacking things at the new spaceship building. Then we just spent the rest of the weekend drinking, eating, and hanging out with friends. Matt and I going to join a gym this week- too much beer, not enough exercise. 

ps- I should get my photos back from MudFest on Wednesday. 


Nathan said...

Yes, Andrea skillfully captured your reluctant, demure nature.

HPB said...

that likeness of you is not rendered belligerently enough by far.

but for some reason, it makes me think of that caricature we had drawn. whatever happened to that?