Friday, March 13, 2009

Cell Phone Pictures

I have been neglecting the photos from my cell phone. Sometimes, I don't have my camera, but can't miss a photo op so I take it on my cell phone! So here is a little recap of events sans my digital camera. 

These animal hats are all the rage with the kids! When the busses unload, it sometimes looks like a zoo running through the doors! Tigers, bears, ducks, and dogs coming running in. I got a koala one in a secret santa at Christmas time. 

Here are some little Koreans who poured into the elevator with me. 

Here is Matt having a good hair day at the Shabu Shabu restaurant one afternoon. 

Last Friday night, we went out with the Korean teachers from school. Gumbai! (Cheers in Korean)

This is beef sashimi! Quite an interesting dish- raw beef on a pickle slice on a gob of mayonnaise on a sesame leaf! 

Rebekah threatens to drop Shane's phone in a pitcher of beer. He probably deserves it! Also, Jesse loves Shane. 

I confiscated this from one of my students this week. It's a gum ball machine container with three live bees inside! This student holds it up in class and proudly says, "Teacher- BEE!" I was like "what?!" and made him give it to me even though he really really wanted to keep it. It was probably not easy getting those bees in there. I kept it on my desk all day then threw it outside. 

Fun cell phone feature!