Monday, March 16, 2009

This is my life.

This video has been floating around on YouTube for a while now, but I think I should share it with everyone. Three guys are living in a small Korean Town called Geumchang and they made a really funny video and have managed to include a huge amount of ubiquitous elements of Korean culture. They include fish markets, adjumma visors, swim caps, Family Marts, norebangs, soju mixers, the inconsistent Romanization of Hangul letters and even adding the "eu" sound to every word ending in a hard consonant. For example, I live near a store called "Hi Mart" and this is how I tell a cab to get take me home. However, the driver will not understand me unless I say "Hi Mart-eu". Drinking Hite-eu, drinking Cass-eu.... All in all, this is a really clever and funny interpretation of life as a foreigner. 


Melissa said...

I HAVE one of those visors! I got it from a Korean lady/company at a medical conference. When I wear it on the deck Matt laughs at me, but it works REALLY well.
('Matthew's Mother', what they insisted on calling me in Japan, since "melissa" would be too familiar)

Melissa said...

It took me four months in Tokyo to recognize the restaurant "Macu-dona-da-ru" as 'McDonalds".