Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Gwangju Soccer Game!

Sunday afternoon was warm and sunny! We went to the World Cup Stadium for the opening soccer game of the season. The tickets are free because it seems to be difficult to get people to come, but there were many people there this weekend. Maybe because it was the first game. Also, last year the Gwangju team was a military team so there weren't many good players. This year they opened it up to anyone. Gwangju played Daejeon and won 3-0! I'm not much of a sports fan, but this was fun. Instead of eating hot dogs and drinking Budweiser we ate ramen and drank Hite! They shot off fireworks after each Gwangju goal. Gwangju is in the ever-stylish bright orange jerseys. 

(Shane is not as bored as he is pretending and Stuart has a face under his hoodie! )

The half time show consisted of two groups of kids doing a tae-kwon-do choreographed dance routine- not so unlike to cheerleading, but with kicks and punches. It was pretty Korean- they love choreographed dance moves because they are mostly too self-conscious to dance on their own. If you go to a "dance" club, Koreans pretty much only do the choreographed moves from the music videos. Here is a video of the half-time show, probably the most entertaining part of the game. 

(PS- I swear I didn't just copy Lisa's blog! Haha!)


LISA said...

haha! Love it!! I know... WTF? Cheerleading Ninjas bringing SEXY BACK??!!

I speak for higgs boson. said...

you MUST come to a dc united game when you come back--i believe the season goes until september?

we will tailgate and drink whiskey out of a camel back. it will be amazing.